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Call Us Today!
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Have You Ever Heard of Anyone Enjoying Their Visit to the Dentist?

It happens all the time here at the office of Robert Bosque Jr. DMD, PC - where we believe that Life is Better with Great Teeth.

Been putting off going to the dentist? Are you now ready to do something about it? You're in the right place - and at the right time!
Savannah Dental Office Location – Robert Bosque Jr. DMD, PC

The Dental Office of Dr. Bosque Jr. is convenient to many parts of the Savannah, GA area. The address is:
​723 E. 65th St Savannah GA 31405

Robert Bosque Jr. DMD, PC can be reached at 912-355-0555 or by email at


No Scolding, No Lectures – Just a Healthy Mouth in About an Afternoon

If you've been putting off going to the dentist for years, and now you're ready to do something about it, you're in the right place - Welcome to the office of Robert Bosque Jr. DMD, PC - the Savannah area's leading Sedation Dentist. Our practice has been designed to help people with a lot of dental needs. This is our passion- from the comfortable feel of our decor to the specialized training of our dentists and team – we are here to help you in your dental health journey – large or small!

3 Reasons People Avoid Going to the Dentist – Which Group Are You In?


The most common reason we hear for avoiding the dentist is FEAR. Usually this is caused by a bad experience that occurred years ago and is relived every time you walk into a dental office– it could be the sights, sounds or even the smells of a dental office that cause these memories to resurface.

If fear keeps you from visiting the dentist – Oral Conscious Sedation is for you! We make sure you're comfortable and most patients have very little memory of their visit – it really is great!


Dentistry can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of dental needs or have not been to the dentist lately. "Can we fix my teeth over time?" "Does it all have to be done at once?" We can definitely help you with that! We will work with you to help you develop YOUR plan, at your pace, and all of it within your budget.


Many people just don't have the time to spend multiple visits at the dentist to get their teeth fixed, so they just put it off. They are doers who have tight schedules and want to get as much done in as few visits as possible – done well and done quickly by experienced dental team of Robert Bosque Jr. DMD, PC.

If time issues keep you from visiting the dentist – Oral Conscious Sedation is for you! Many times all your treatments can be completed in a single, relaxed visit to Dr. Bosque's Office.

The First Step – A Painless Conversation

Your first visit to our state-of-the-art dental office in Savannah is FREE! In fact, your first visit will consist of a conversation between you and Dr. Robert Bosque, where you can confirm that you are in the right place! Let us introduce you to our friendly team and show you around our office.

You can get all your concerns as a dental patient addressed in a comfortable setting and see that coming to the dentist can be a great experience! You'll be on your way to a healthy mouth, great teeth and a beautiful smile.

Reserve Your Personal Consultation Today

With teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and bonding, advanced cosmetic dentistry is virtually limitless. We also offer white fillings and crowns for natural-looking restorations. If your teeth need attention, it's time to prioritize your oral health. Call Dr. Robert Bosque Jr., the leading Sedation Dentist in Savannah, GA and reserve your appointment now.

How to Find Robert A. Bosque Jr. DMD, PC – A Dental Office Conveniently Located in Savannah, GA

Dr. Bosque's office is conveniently located on 723 E. 65th Street, Savannah GA 31405. Dr. Robert Bosque Jr. provides dental care to the entire Savannah area, including neighborhoods such as Montgomery, Thunderbolt, Wilmington Island, Port Wentworth, Garden City, Georgetown, Richmond Hill, Pooler, Bloomingdale, Tybee Island, Skidaway Island and other nearby areas.

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Dr. Robert A. Bosque Jr.

Come in and schedule a FREE, no-obligation, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bosque’s Dental Team- call 912-355-0555 today!

Come in and meet Dr. Robert A. Bosque Jr. We'll show you around our state-of-the-art office and explain how we ensure your care, comfort and give you the healthy smile you've always deserved.

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Dr. Robert Bosque Jr. and his entire dental staff truly believe that life is better with great teeth. You deserve to be free from oral discomfort and embarrassing tooth problems. Imagine being able to eat the foods you enjoy and expressing yourself with the confidence of a great smile. Come to our practice and meet Dr. Bosque’s Dental Team. Call us at 912-355-0555 or email us at