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Sedation Dentistry

The Truth About Sedation Dentistry
Serious dental phobias are no laughing matter. We understand that fear of the dentist prevents many people from having much-needed dental work performed. As a result, their dental health begins to suffer and problems get bigger and more serious. We don’t want this to happen to you.

Robert Bosque Jr. DMD, PC understands these situations and has a great solution: oral conscious sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation
Yes. It is possible to correct years of dental neglect without anxiety and fear. In fact, with oral conscious sedation, you probably won’t remember a thing.
The Savannah Dental team are highly trained sedation dentistry experts. We have had extensive training in oral conscious sedation and can assure it is both safe and effective in treating the dental patient who suffers from overwhelming fear and anxiety about their visit.

How Does it Work?
With oral conscious sedation, all you have to do is take a few small pills then sit back and relax. Taking these simple steps guarantee you will be comfortable for your entire visit! It works every time, it’s safe and it is a great way to get your teeth healthy again!
When you are given orally administered sedation in the dentist’s office (or prior to your appointment), all body functions remain normal and you are able to breathe on your own. Some people may fall asleep, and some amnesia may occur. In other words you remain alert yet calm and leave the dentist’s office without any memory of pain or discomfort.

Who Benefit’s From Sedation Dentistry?
You may benefit from oral conscious sedation if you have:
  • fear of the dentist
  • had a bad dental experience in the past
  • extremely powerful gag reflex
  • low pain threshold
  • a number of dental problems that need fixed at once
Don’t postpone dental work because of time, stress, or fear. Instead, rely on our teams expertise in sedation dentistry to help you overcome your concerns.

Dental problems won’t get better if left alone. Decay, disease, and missing teeth will only cause more significant problems, which means more expense and time in the dental chair for you.

It’s time to prioritize your oral health!